Canadian Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses
Société canadienne des infirmières et infirmiers en ophtalmologie
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Thursday, March 5 2020
2020 Spring BC-CSORN Meeting



Greetings Everyone,


1.) We would like to welcome the BC Chapter CSORN members to join us for our 2020 Spring  meeting on Thursday, March 5st at the Kirin Restaurant. 350 Gifford Street, New Westminster. The meeting starts at 545pm, doors open 5pm for early registration.  


We welcome all Members to renew. We are moved away from accepting cheques or cash.  Registration can be completed online through Paypal. If you need to renew for 2020, below is the link to complete your online registration.


Alternatively, if you do not want to join CSORN but wish to attend the meeting/dinner, there is a $20 charge.


Dr. Tony Wong is speaking on “Eyelid Surgery”


Both the Dinner and the Business meeting will be held at the same venue.


Kirin Restaurant:


Also, if you have any diet restrictions, please let me know


Please RSVP by Thursday, February 27th


2.) There is free parking for this Event  


3.) If you have any co-workers that would be interested in joining, please encourage them to register at


4.) Dinner Menu:

Assorted Appetizers 

Vegetarian Goose 

Smoked Salmon 

Sliced Beef Shank

Jelly Fish in Sesame Sauce 

Roasted Pork Belly

Peking Duck (Skin with Crêpe)

Assorted Seafood and Selected Vegetable Soup

Live Crab and Eggplant in Premium Soy Sauce

Pork Jowl Meat Stir Fried with Sliced Lotus Root and Peapod

Chicken in Abalone Sauce Served in Wooden Pot (Whole)

Assorted Seafood and Tofu in Brown Bean Sauce en Casserole

Baby Bok-Choy Braised with Bean Curd and Wolfberry in Consommé

Ramen Stir Fried with Shredded Duck

House Special Dessert


5.) If you are receiving this Email in error and are not a member of CSORN. Please let us know.


For further information or questions please email:



Anna, Arlene & Adonis 


Location: Kirin Restaurant. 350 Gifford Street, New Westminster

Contact: Adonis Manglapus
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